Looking for matthewjungling.com? My site is still in development, but I've prepared this cool little page for your viewing pleasure in the meantime!
Matthew Jungling

Lover of the visual image. Filmmaker hopeful. Spends way too much time on YouTube. Broke. Chick-fil-A Nerd. Eagle Scout.

I’m a Multimedia (JMC) major at Abilene Christian University. I love videography, photography, graphic design, and web design. I am active in my church, Pioneer Drive Baptist, as an Intern in production and video. I one day want to be a business owner and/or filmmaker. I love helping others, this is a passion I have had since a very young age.

I am Introverted, (INTJ-T), Enneagram type 5w6, and very creative. You’ll find me jamming out to CAMINO in my free time.

WellFound Media is the name of the media “company” I have built for literally whatever I want to do with it. I dabbled in web design professionally, but I would love to see this move into a more media-centric direction with video, graphics, and photography being the specialty.

Web Design

Web design was the first thing I did with my brand. My most notable client was KGNZ radio, in Abilene, which a good friend of mine and I took and completely revamped. The end product was fantastic and they loved their site.


I have recently begun to experiment with photography, specifically taking photos of homes for realtors for listings on the MLS. This is an area I would love to grow in, as it’s something I’m really passionate about.

Video Production

This is my main focus. Film is a powerful medium that can evoke emotions, encapsulate viewers within a story, and create movements. I love the visual image and the ability to make something beautiful with a camera