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Unlimited hosting accounts are subject to periodic review. Unlimited accounts must be within Fair Use in order to maintain good standing. Accounts that are found to be hosting an excessively large amount of files, beyond the fair use cases as discussed here, must purchase a data add-on.

Fair Usage, as defined in this document, is classified as appropriately using the web services (“Web Hosting”) in a manner that does not interfere with other users on the server. (Other users on a server is the definition of “Shared Hosting”.) Doing so can have your account revoked and your payment method charged a fee. We reserve the right to review accounts on a case-by-case basis to look for instances of users not partaking in Fair Usage.

Examples of not using your services fairly are as follows (but not limited to): Building applications, hosting large quantities of files (etc.) that exceed at or around 25GB in files alone, reselling space on your plan to third parties, and more. We also reserve the right to add or subtract to the Fair Usage statement at any time.